Solo Traveling is Necessary, What are the Tips?

Solo Traveling is Necessary, What are the Tips?- Hallo sahabat visitindonesia semuanya semoga kalian dalam keadaan sehat VISIT INDONESIA, Pada Artikel yang kalian baca kali ini dengan judul Solo Traveling is Necessary, What are the Tips?, kami telah mempersiapkan artikel ini dengan baik untuk kalian baca dan ambil informasi didalamnya. mudah-mudahan isi postingan Artikel Tips, yang visitindonesia tulis ini dapat kalian pahami. baiklah, selamat membaca.

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Solo Traveling is Necessary, What are the Tips? traveling is necessary. Why is it necessary? There are many benefits that you can feel while on vacation alone. Most importantly, you can become a better you. When you make a mistake, you become more independent by handling the problem yourself. That very nice feeling also comes when you can go through something that makes you say, "Oh, I can do this."

Of course, there are also many new things that you can discover when traveling solo. You will also be more sensitive to your surroundings. Instead of being too focused on your group, you can better recognize and learn local customs and behaviors.

Not to mention when you can decide anything yourself. Do you want to learn to surf on the beach? Just register for the class, no need to worry if there are friends who will be waiting on the bored beach.

Want to walk to a museum that is a bit far away? Of course you can, you don't have to worry about it ruining your traveling companions' day because they might not like the museum.

What are the tips for solo traveling? Let's check the list below:

Tips for Solo Traveling

1. Do Research

This is something that must be done, even when traveling with a group. Before leaving, you have to find out in advance, regarding the upcoming weather in the area, taxi prices, food prices, opening hours of the places you want to visit and the length of the trip from one place to another, according to the itinerary that will be followed. made.

This is very important, for example, the price of a taxi. If you know the price of a taxi from the airport to the inn, you can find a taxi at a suitable price, not take a taxi which is very expensive.

2. Book Accommodation Before Traveling

All accommodation, such as hotels and vehicles to be rented, must be made before the trip begins. Don't get to your destination, the inn you want is full, so you will be confused about finding another inn.

You can also arrange an itinerary by knowing the exact distance between the inn and the next destination. Don't forget to book accommodation with a guaranteed rating or rating. Apart from online travel agents, you can also see the rating from the map application on your cellphone.

Rental vehicles are also like that, but another advantage of booking a rental vehicle in advance is that the price is definitely cheaper than renting directly on the spot.

3. Make Itinerary As Detailed As Possible 

Itineraries are the most important and crucial part of traveling. Details, how long it takes to walk from one place to another, what public transportation or whether it can still be reached on foot must be done.

If you want to have a relaxing trip, perhaps the most important thing on your itinerary is the accommodation used to get to your destination. You don't need to be too fixated or even need to include time on your itinerary.

Don't forget to print your itinerary. Just in case your phone dies, so you know where to go and what accommodation to take. Share your itinerary with the closest people, so they feel safe and know your approximate location while traveling.

4. Relax While Eating

Enjoy your time while eating somewhere. Besides being a place to fill your energy, you can also rest when you are tired of visiting several places. Maybe you can browse your next itinerary, open social media or even read a book while at a restaurant.

5. Do Something Unusual

One of the advantages of traveling alone is that you don't have to think about your friends. You can do whatever you want to do. Better yet, you shouldn't be ashamed to do something if it fails.

Things like this are what make solo traveling very profitable. You can even do something you've always wanted to do, but were afraid to try. You don't know anyone there, so who's afraid.

6. Adequate Packing

Since you are traveling alone, you might prefer to take public transportation. Of course this will make you walk more than usual. Don't let your luggage become a burden while traveling.

Packing is sufficient, if necessary use a backpack only. The backpack will divide the load equally between your shoulders. Unlike other bags, most of which will only rest on one side of your body.

However, there are some things that you must bring when packing, don't miss it.

7. Stay Safe

Always keep money and important documents separate, such as your ID card. No one knows what will happen on your journey. Don't let your wallet get stolen, all of your IDs are taken. Additional tips are also to separate money into several places, so that if one is stolen, you still have other spare money.

Take note of important numbers! It's important to know who to call when something goes wrong. Such as the number of the local police, hospital or fire department. Don't forget to also write down these numbers and the numbers of the closest people on paper, to avoid the phone turning off and you being unable to contact anyone.

Ready for Solo Traveling?

After knowing the benefits and tips of solo traveling, you are guaranteed to be even more determined to do it. Don't forget to do the tips above if you are traveling solo later!

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